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The Need In Our Community

It has been widely documented – and reported in the media – that there are a high number of youth in the local wider South Auckland area that are viewed as “at risk”. They are vulnerable to truancy, suspensions or exclusions, gang connections, substance abuse, and usually come from high-needs families.

Demand for our programs is increasing as schools and the community see the results we’re getting.

80% of the young people referred to the programs are Maori and research has shown that for each cohort of Maori students that enters Year 9 (the first year of secondary school), approximately 60% will leave school before they reach Year 13 (Ministry of Education, 2009a). 

Poor educational results for Maori have been described as a wastage of human potential which affects the nation as a whole, not just Maori alone (Hoani Waititi 1961,cited in Metge, 2001). This has resulted in intergenerational poverty due to lack of educational qualifications, connected to low-paid employment; unemployment; benefit dependence and even crime and imprisonment (Department of Corrections, 2007).Our specialized support can break the intergenerational cycle, reduce truancy, increase student self-identity and respect with improve academic results. 

Our involvement helps create stronger connections between schools, families and support groups and sense of unity that encourages struggling young people.

Why We Need Your Funding Support

Functioning as the proverbial fence at the top of a cliff, we prevent vulnerable youth falling off the edge and needing considerably more (and more expensive) help when they hit the bottom. But our fence will only stretch so far with an annual budget of just $125,000. This income comes from philanthropic trusts and a small contributions from some schools. The schools would like to pay us more so that we could support them more – but their budgets are already stretched. So it’s a chicken and egg situation. our services are needed, wanted and produce exactly the results everyone wants – but we need investment to grow our capacity to deliver.

To expand to meet the high demand from schools and create a more sustainable service. We want to raise an additional $100,000 over the coming year for human resources, training new mentors and program development.

Will you help us?

Donations can made to ANZ Account – New Foundations Trust 06 0197 0272711 00

Receipts will be issued for donations exceeding $5.00

We would greatly value your investment in our work.

Sue Dickens, General Manager:

Postal Address:
New Foundations Trust, 
PO Box 203033,
Waiau Pa,  
Auckland, 2345

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